Our Services


We supply the well-known and durable brands when it comes to laundry equipment speedqueen, girbau, tullis. The size of machine is determined by the size of the laundry room so our experienced personnel will sit down with customers and explain the setup.


After buying your laundry equipment it needs to be installed properly for it to function accordingly. There must be electricity near the appliance/equipment with proper voltage and washers needs water and drainage. The plumbing work needs to be done by professional personnel not just ordinary plumbers. All industrial machines use three phase
Electricity power and they need to be properly installed.


Most industrial equipment needs programming after installation and this needs to be done by professional as this will result in malfunction if not done properly so in order to get the best results from your appliance the programming of the appliances needs to be done by experts.


Laundry staff needs to be trained on how to use the machines to avoid damages both to the machines and users. We don’t recommend anyone to handle or use any appliance without the knowledge to do so as this will result to loss of life and severe damage to appliances. This service is for free if we supply the appliances.


Laundry equipment needs not be touched or tempered with by un- professional personnel. This will result in damage to the appliance and even loss of life in some circumstance. So greatly advise that the repairs needs to be done by the experts not just ordinary technicians.


Laundry equipment is like motor vehicles, they require routine maintenance normally once a year for domestic appliances and twice a year for industrial/commercial appliances. This will reduce the cost of repairs as most faults will be rectied during maintenance rather than wait for the machine to be down.